Relief with a smile™

Kids hate being sick, but they also hate the taste of many medicines. So they may resist taking the medicine they need to help them feel better and get better. Some children’s medicines have fruit flavors that are supposed to make them more appealing, but many of them still taste “like medicine”.

Dr. Cocoa® children's cough and cold medicine is different. Its patented formulas are made with trusted, effective ingredients and 10% real cocoa for a rich, soothing, chocolate taste. So kids won’t turn away or fight you when you give them Dr. Cocoa. They’ll be happy to take it, and you will be happy with the cough and cold relief it provides them.

About  logo_infirst

infirst Healthcare is a new consumer healthcare company founded in early 2013. Our mission is to apply advanced science to consumer medicines to create superior solutions to address un-met healthcare needs. Our mission statement is “known drugs - made better.” The Dr. Cocoa line of children's cough and cold medicines is infirst Healthcare’s first technology to launch in the U.S.